Tizzie's uniquely designed 100% cotton Wrap in a Wrap. 

Newborn to eight weeks use the wrap in a wrap alone,  from 8 weeks use it over a safe sleep bag but with both ages follow the bedding guide to use the appropriate sheet and blankets.

Available in two sizes:

Please note: If you are buying this wrap for a newborn Tizzie suggests you get the Small size however if you are buying it for a baby over 8 weeks or a very big baby we suggest you get the Large to save you purchasing two sizes.

Why the Wrap in a Wrap designed by Tizzie Hall is recommended for swaddling your baby? 

I recommend swaddling your baby in my specially designed Wrap in a Wrap. I have designed this wrap with both baby and parents in mind. Swaddling a baby can be daunting for a new parent to have to learn. With my Wrap in a Wrap and simple ‘no fuss’ swaddling instructions everyone putting your baby to bed will swaddle your baby the same way making him feel safe and secure.

The Wrap in a Wrap has been specially designed for use alone or over my range of safe sleep bags as I recommend doing from the age of eight weeks until as late as ten to twelve months.

I have always found that babies settle faster and sleep more soundly if swaddled. I believe this is for a few reasons.

Tizzies’ Wrap in a Wrap Swaddling Method

Step 1: Place baby along the reinforced centre line with the top edge of the wrap in a wrap level with the bottom of your baby’s earlobe.  Ensure the head is always free from fabric.

Step 2: Place one of your baby’s arms across their chest and tummy.

Step 3: Take one side of the inner fabric from the side you have put the arm over the chest and stretch it across your baby’s body towards the opposite side. Pull the fabric firmly around and under your baby’s back and or bottom and pull firmly through the other side, stretching and smoothing the fabric as you go. Repeat on the other side starting with bringing the arm over the chest and tummy.

Step 4: Repeat steps 3 with the outside layer of the fabric. Leave all excess fabric free at your baby’s feet.      


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